Mission Statement


Our vision is to be the premier Performance Academy in the County and Region, with recognition for leading performances in the Country.


To be admired for our skills, work ethic, attitude and team cohesion. Each year we aim to have international representation, while increasing the number of members competing at National Championships, who are aiming to make finals and chase medals. We pride ourselves on our attitude and presentation of the team code of Start together – Finish together!

Core Values:

  • Have mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and quality in everything we do.
  • We believe that no goal exceeds the mandate to educate and graduate the student-athlete, and we are first and foremost the educators. We believe in a culture of excellence where each individual is expected to adopt a results-oriented proactive work ethic.
  • Provide a competitive, determined and fun, welcoming environment.
  • Recognise our history and be confident in our long-term program ‘Sets, Sessions, Seasons Success!!!’
  • Work as a supportive team – Coaches, swimmers, and parents alike. Helping those in need. Teamwork and Trust: We value each member of our athletics family and understand the importance of teamwork and treating each individual honestly with dignity and respect. We believe in an environment of mutual trust. Making commitments generates hope and keeping commitments generates trust, and with trust comes benefit of the doubt. We believe in helping each other grow professionally.
  • Have the drive, commitment and ambition to work smarter and harder than any other club. We value success through winning and achievement in swimming, academics, personal and professional development.
  • Be passionate about our scheme / club and what we want achieve and being an advocate for the younger swimmers.
  • Communicate consistently and honestly with respect for each other providing an environment where all members and staff are free from harassment and intimidation.
  • Hold each other accountable for living these values.
  • Push each other to achieve all that is possible and never settle for what is easy! With always admiring to be the best that we can be!!

Standards and Expectations

  1. Positive, professional attitude, and enthusiasm to achieve the best.
  2. Hit the attendance criteria consistently and have fantastic time keeping to always being on time!
  3. High standard of behaviour at the training pool and competitions.
  4. Must support and push all team members at all times.
  5. Set goals with your coach and constantly review them to make sure you know what you have to do to achieve them!
  6. Mandatory attendance at meets and completing the events chosen by the coach.
  7. Ensure we are the best at basics – starts, turns, drills, behaviour, appearance -make others want to be part of our team / club. Look Great/ Act Great/ Be Great!
  8. Parents to support their child and programme and help to make it better.
  9. Commit to the programme at all times – no one has a permanent position in the scheme.
  10. Active encouragement of team mates at training and competitions so that everyone achieves their full potential.
  11. Know your targets and know what it takes to achieve such targets.
  12. Communicate constantly with coaches, parents and other swimmers as this is key to develop and become great.
  13. Make it an honour to be part of the scheme / club and something that has to be earned and is a privilege to be apart of rather than just a social club.
  14. Swimmers to thank coaches after every session for the effort they put in.
  15. Coaches to thank swimmers after every session for the effort they put in.
  16. Look, behave; perform the best as a team.

Coaching and Coaches

  1. Always have a positive, professional attitude with lots of enthusiasm. If you are enjoying the session so will the swimmers.
  2. Coaches to help each other at every opportunity and mentor the younger or less qualified coaches in the scheme. We are working collectively towards the same goal and together we can achieve it!
  3. Support other coaches when sessions are busy.
  4. Give swimmers constant encouragement and feedback – there is always something to be made better and improve. Make sure all the basics are done to a very high level. Don’t accept anything but perfection!
  5. Always seek further development, either through CPD’s or observing other coaches in the programme or other clubs. Don’t stand still as everything is always moving.
  6. Treat all swimmers with the same respect with aiming to make each one into the best they can be
  7. Have regular discussions / meetings regarding plans and sessions.
  8. Constantly give feedback to swimmers and parents in comparison to the squad / scheme criteria. Ensuring they are always in the loop.
  9. Consistency of application of standards and expectations. High Level of Delivery equals High Level of Results.
  10. Consistency of coaches at sessions.
  11. Deliver a high quality land work programme including pre and post pool. Must keep inline with LTAD and your programme. Remember this must support water work not hider it.
  12. Greater variation of sets – have a mixture of sets by energy system to work with. Cycles must be based on energy types with greater variation without loosing focus of the cycles aim. Always keep them guessing.
  13. Make sure your sessions are imaginative and progressive – we need to keep swimmers in the sport long term with a view of being fantastic youth / senior swimmers.
  14. Help with Learn to Swim to make sure an appropriate standard of swimmers are being promoted to the Dolphins and Academy. These swimmers are the key to our future.
  15. Have a good relationship with other clubs (especially in Durham) we are the Hub Performance Scheme and we should help clubs and coaches in the County improve also.
  17. Coaches must support each other and show respect for each other.

Environment and Education

  1. The environment must be one that helps produce, develop, and progress quality high-level swimmers.
  2. Positive attitude, and enthusiasm from parents and associates ‘the club is not a crèche.’
  3. Why are you here? What do you need to do to succeed? How can you better than what you already are?
  4. Everyone must act professionally at all times, including swimmers, coaches, parents.
  5. The environment must be interesting, exciting and enjoyable for all!
  6. Parents must feel comfortable to discuss what the scheme / club or coaches are doing in an open constructive atmosphere.
  7. We need to be a close team, just one big family!
  8. Swimmers days out, BBQ, presentation evenings is good for team spirit and helps to have that Family feeling.
  9. Try to select meets where the whole team can attend and support.
  10. Recognition of achievement – ‘use of the excellence Fund principles’ to promote dedication to the sport. Not to be scared to show off how good you are.
  11. Greater recognition of past achievements – ‘who do you aspire to be? Jo Jackson etc – how do you plan to do this? Promoting all the achievements.
  12. Brief understanding of training cycles and LTAD. Education to all about the basics of what we do
  13. Promotion of the HUB and its potential for the whole County. As it develops the swimmers themselves.
  14. Create productive links with other clubs and providers.
  15. Support in delivering master classes for the Hub and coaches from other clubs. Treat every session as a coach’s master class or stroke clinic. Get out of the session as much as you put into the session.

Professionalism for Swimmers

At the pool:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before every session (including mornings). Arrive at a competition when instructed by the lead coach.
  • Positive attitude towards all aspects of your swimming.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment needed for every session (including land). Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!
  • Aim to be the first in the water and out of the water Last!
  • Execute everything to the best of your ability, skills or intensity. Don’t settle for anything than perfection.
  • Always train the required intensity – make the correct choice, do not take the easy option. You will get out, what you put in.
  • Always try to hit your required attendance for your group.
  • Always have at least 2 litres to drink during a session.
  • Have appropriate snacks for after your session (you must eat within 30 minutes of leaving the pool).
  • Support, encourage and push your teammates at all times and they will do the same back!
    Set and review goals every session, to know what you need to improve to ensure that you reach goals
  • Communicate as no one accomplished anything by themselves!

Outside Swimming:

  • Aim to sleep at least 8 hours per night.
  • Eat healthily and at the correct times.
  • Make sure you keep your core and posture correct outside of the pool.
  • Attend gym sessions and follow the programme correctly.
  • Seek appropriate advice straight away if you are injured.
  • Set appropriate short / medium / long term goals – it works as you have something to aim for.
  • Take one step at a time as you have to walk before you run.
  • Live as a representative of yourself and your club as you are always on show.
  • Explain to your friends what you do and what you want to achieve and ask for their support and never shy away from what you do.
  • Learn more about your sport as it will develop you as a swimmer.
  • Communicate.

Paul Woodley
Head Coach

October 2017