• Fund Raising!

    The final amount was £2419.19!! This is in an incredible amount and thank you to all that helped out and raised this!!! Putting this together with the fund raised from the bag pack at Morrison’s completed at the back end of 2015, the club has raised towards £4000 which is fantastic and help towards supporting

  • Judge 1 Course

    The Northumberland & Durham Counties Swimming Association is arranging A Training Course leading to qualification as a British Swimming Official Judge Level 1 COURSE:                   Judge Level 1, including timekeeper, session1 Session 1 is for new trainees, who will learn about competitions and timekeeping REQUIREMENTS:    Must be a member of a swimming club. Minimum age for

  • Family Fun Day at Tesco’s

    This Easter Sunday, 27th March, at Tesco’s in Consett. They are running a family fun day where we have been lucky enough to be given a space to able to fundraise for the club. It is a fantastic opportunity for the club to raise some funds but is also a great chance for us to

  • N&D Results

    Attached are medals and points results from Northumberland and Durham County Championships Overal Medals we finished 3rd Guy North Trophy updated 28 Feb, Age Group we finished 4th Tom Randall Memorial Trophy 28 Feb v2, and Youth/Senior we finished 3rd Mark Latimer Memorial Trophy 28 Feb, These are fantastic results, well done to all competed!!