Nutrition Advice for Derwentside Swimmers

Attached is an article by Sharon Rochester, a Registered Dietition © 2009, detailing nutritional advise for swimmers to become better athletes

Nutritional Advise to become a better athlete

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From an article by Alison Green, a Registered Dietition © 2005:

Good Nutrition Will Not Make You Into a World Class Performer But Bad Eating Habits May Prevent You From Realizing Your Potential & Reaching Your Goals.

From Absolute Sports Nutrition:

Recovery Food

From the Association of UK Dietitians:

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Healthy Packed Lunches

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Plant based diets

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Portion sizes

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Iron

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Calcium

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Omega 3

BDA Food Fact Sheet – Probiotics

From Dietitians of Canada:

Food Sources of Iron

British Swimming Off The Blocks

A new websit has been set up by British Swimming with lots of information, including some advice on nutrition:

Eat Well to Train Well

Cereal Bars

Eating for a Rest Day

Eating at Competition

To visit the website click here.