Guidelines for Competitions.

Below are some guidelines that swimmers and parents are expected to follow while competing for Derwentside Amateur Swimming Club and representing the Competitive Performance Academy. If you have any queries about these then please do not hesitate to ask your squad coach or myself.


You will receive a gala entry form from your squad coach. On this form the coach will have marked a selection of swims they would like you to compete in. If you have any queries about the swims selected then you must consult with your coach.

On the form it will state the date when you can start entering the meet online via the swimming clubs website ( and the closing date for entries. If you miss the closing date, you run the risk of not being able to enter the competition. Swimmers must only enter the competitions selected by their squad coach, again if you have any concerns about the meet then please speak to your coach. You must consult with your coach on all matters regarding competitions. For a copy of the competition programme refer to the swimming club’s website and the notice board at both pools. The calendar is subject to change without notice so please keep checking it for any amendments.


The night before:

Swimmers should make sure they pack their bags the night before as most competitions start early. Always pack a costume (and spare), Derwentside ASC Hat, Goggles (and spares), two towels, healthy lunch (pasta etc.), fruit, enough drinks for the competition and snacks all of which the swimmer takes on poolside with them. Swimmers must have a Derwentside Club top on at all times (even if not swimming). Swimmers must have enough clothes to keep warm and dry at all times. Swimmers must have something on their feet at all times.

At the meet:


Parents are a key component for any swimming scheme to be successful. Parents must support the guidelines and make sure their child has full understanding of them and shows support to the scheme.

I would like to see all parents support every swimmer in the Club. Always be positive to all children, especially your own. No swimmer gets in the pool wanting to swim badly.

These guidelines are not put in place to frustrate or make things difficult; I am trying to prepare swimmers to handle the environment that they will have to face as they move up through the performance pathway, whether as part of Derwentside ASC or an external organisation.

If you have any queries with the above please do not hesitate to speak to your squad coach.

Kind Regards

Paul Woodley
Head Performance Coach