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Guidelines For The Academy:

  • All swimmers must be looking to compete – this is a Competitive Academy. Competition is an important aspect of a swimmer’s development. Swimmers must only compete in competitions selected by the Head Coach. Events are selected by the lead coach of each squad. If you have any issues with selected events you must consult your squad coach, please do not enter swims or choose swims without the guidance of your coach.
  • While at competitions you must be well behaved and respectful. Follow the instructions given by the coach on poolside. Remember you are training to compete so you don’t want to affect your swims negatively by doing something basic incorrectly, for example, warm ups and swim downs.
  • You are there as a team, so support your team mates.
  • You are part of a Competitive Academy – to secure your place in a squad, or to be considered for promotion, you must have a good attitude to training and competition. You should also be performing at the required standard for the respective squad that you are in.
  • Swimmers must be attending the recommended number of sessions in their squad as advised by the squad coach – it is important to attend sessions to follow the squad programme and improve at the recommended rate. Poor attendance can affect performance massively, so it is important that you attend the recommended number of sessions for your Group. The Academy follows Long Term Athlete Development with the recommended work load adhered to depending on age and ability. Attendance will be monitored on a monthly basis.
  • Punctuality – swimmers are expected to be on poolside 10-15 minutes before every session (including mornings) this is to complete a poolside warm up before entering the pool on time. This is a key part of a swimmer’s training and development.
  • Morning training is not optional; it is an important part of the training programme.
  • Swimmers must look after their own kit and make sure they have the correct equipment for every session, including spare goggles and hat.
  • Respect for the coaches is imperative, at both training and competitions.
  • Support your coach, team mates and opponents and behave responsibly at all times. Discriminatory, offensive and violent behaviour towards any individual is unacceptable and will be acted upon.
  • Parents are there to support and encourage – do not force or pressurise your children to swim or achieve, they participate in this sport for their enjoyment not yours!!!