How to fill in online entries:-

For those swimmers relatively new to entering galas it is often difficult to understand what is required and why.

All swimmers have an ASA registration number that is unique to them. This can be checked by clicking the link ASA membership check.

Current personal best times can be obtained by clicking on the link:- Best Times, and entering the swimmers membership number.

To enable the competition secretary to enter a swimmer for a gala he needs their full name, birth date and ASA registration number. He needs a contact name and email address so that you can be sent a confirmation email that lists your entry, and for any queries he may have.The next thing is to tick the boxes, or fill in times for those swims that the swimmer wishes to enter.

Without these details the competition secretary cannot complete your entry for a gala.

When you have received confirmation of your gala entry, you should check it and report any error immediately.

You should make arrangements to pay the gala fees owed. Once your entry has been accepted, you are liable for the cost of entries, regardless of whether the swimmer competes at the gala.

All galas should be paid by the day of the gala, as you could be at risk of not being allowed to compete or not allowed to enter any more competitions until the balance has been paid.

Qualifying times

Qualifying times can often have an upper limit (cannot be faster than), or a lower limit (cannot be slower than). If there is no upper/lower limit on the qualifying times you normally need to have a time faster than the published qualifying time. If you are unsure as to whether your swimmer can enter a gala speak to their coach.

If a gala has consideration times, and a gala is undersubscribed, the organisers may accept entries from swimmers slightly slower than the qualifying time. It is best to enter if your times are within the qualifying – consideration time ranges, as you may be accepted.